Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking Down Some Trees - Early November, 2012

I have mentioned that we are going to have a parking pad and carport built this winter. In preparation for this, and for several other projects, we hired Fox Tree service to take down a few trees for us.


The guys showed up with this wonderful boom truck and proceeded to safely remove the trees….from the top down. You know……Fred usually cuts down any trees that I want ‘moved’, but these trees were right next to the power line, and too close to the house.


I took this picture from the porch steps looking up the road. We were taking down the group of trees that were right in front of the house, to make room for us to back our cars out of the soon to be carport.


We needed a couple of trees taken down beside the barn, where Fred plans to build  parking platform and cover for the camper.


And, in back of the cabin, we took down a big pine tree that was just too close for comfort in a high wind.


It was much safer to take this big tree down in sections, rather than risk it falling the wrong way and hitting the roof.



Fred worked along with the tree guys, piling limbs and debris on the forks of his tractor…..


And hauling them down the hill. Fred piled the brush high and let it just sit and dry.


After the trees were down and cleaned up, the tree guys ground up the stumps, until you could not tell where they had been.


The guys even ground up a few extra stumps that we had been mowing around for the last year.


The result…..a lighter and brighter look to the front of our cabin, and much needed room to turn the car around.


Dec. 3rd….The brush pile had dried, and the weather was calm and damp with rain forecasted for the next day. Perfect burning weather!


Up it went, in a blaze of glory!

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  1. WOW! Although I understand WHY you had to take down a big heart skipped a beat reading this...if you remember the trees in Haines Junction and Kluane area, you'll understanding my sence of morning ;) I have 4 pines that someone planted in my yard (they are not native to this area) and I an SO excited to have them here.....I DO miss big trees up here! They just DON'T exist!! Must say though...the yard looks & Fred really do have a postcard perfect cabin :)