Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Roof Construction – a Lot More Than My Pictures Show

After the slab was dried, the work crew came to frame up the carport roof.


The entrance of the carport needed a very big beam to span the 26 foot opening. Fred helped out with his tractor, lifting the beam up…..


And setting it into place.


I did not get as many pictures of the framing process, but this picture shows the roof with decking completed. This was the first time we drove the car into the carport. So exciting!

I don’t know why I just didn’t get pics of the rest of the building process – the siding we used was left over cypress from the cabin siding. And the finish work was tedious…..finishing the ceiling and framing and finishing the soffit all around.

IMG_1586 (1)

Fred decided that he would install the metal roofing. The roof pitch is pretty steep, so Fred worked VERY carefully.


Fortunately, he had help with putting the metal sheeting on the roof. Brian worked from the scaffolding, while Fred worked on the roof…….


And Rebekah was there to lend her hands.



Many hands make quick work. Working Friday afternoon and Saturday morning…. and they were done!


A (mostly) finished carport! There is construction trash to pick up……


And another 1/2 course of bricks to add….then a bit more dirt work. We will need to paint the ceiling and run some lights……but we are enjoying our new covered parking. Just in time…..because we are having several days of RAIN!

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