Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Visit With Some Little Friends

Friday, Feb 15th – My sister, Joann, came out to visit us at the cabin with her son, Matt, and his two children, Daniel (4 yrs) and Ella (2 yrs), who were visiting from Atlanta. It is always special to have the little ones come out to see us “in the country”….


Matt has been visiting us in the country since he was a little boy……

IMG_1697 (3)

Matt was (and still is) fascinated by anything that he could ‘drive’. Back then, it was our tractor…, Matt is a pilot.


It feels like life coming full circle to have Matt’s kids out to visit us. Fred gives the little ones their first lesson in the art of rope swinging.


With a little coaxing, Daniel decides to give it a try……

IMG_1628 (1)

And before long, is swinging ‘high’……and ‘higher’!


Ella waits her turn, feeling a bit shy and hiding behind her Daddy’s legs.


But, make no mistake….those blue eyes were watching everything…..


And when it was her turn, Ella hopped on the swing…..

IMG_1657 (1)

What fun!

IMG_1684 (1)

Do you remember the simple pleasure of a stick?


You can measure ‘how tall’…….


Swat at the tree branches…..

IMG_1683 (1)

Engage in a little ‘sword play’……..


And discover the world!


  1. Those little ones are so beautiful! It was so good to have thme here.

  2. Such good pictures, Sue! Daniel and Ella sure enjoyed their visit with you. Matt and I did, too. Thanks for letting us come enjoy a bit of time in the woods, or in the rain forest, as Ella called it. Joann