Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Too Short a Visit…….

Sept 28th – 30th – Brian and Rebekah came for a visit! They are living in Tampa, Florida, and are now settled into an apartment which will allow dogs. So….they drove up as soon as they could to pick up Jade. They had really missed her….and boy, did she miss them!


Tampa is a 14 hour drive to Farmerville, so I was surprised to see them at 5pm on Friday. They had left at 3 am so that they could get in early.   : ) 

Saturday, we drove into Monroe to visit my mother and sisters and other family. We had a wonderful lunch and visit at Gram’s.  My sister, Missy, was there as well as our niece, Colin, who is in college at Louisiana Tech. Brian and Bekah, who both graduated from LA Tech, enjoyed comparing notes with Colin over teachers and classes.

After lunch, we stopped by another sister, Sally’s, house to visit. Always good to catch up with Sally and Tracy, and good for Brian and Bekah to get to visit with their cousins, Spencer and Claire.

Sally and Tracy showed us all around their new ‘shop’ which they are building a in their back yard. It will take a while to get all caught up on family happenings!

Saturday evening….. quiet visiting back at the cabin.

Sunday morning – the kids were leaving at 6 am. They had a long drive ahead, but were planning to break up the trip with a stop in Mobile to visit with Rebekah’s family. It was pouring down rain like we had not seen for 6 months!  The forecast called for rain for the next 2 days, so there was no point in the kids delaying.

Brian and Bekah  loaded up ….and Jade, too! We watched as they  drove off, the rain coming down in curtains. It had been too short a visit…..and the house seemed strangely quiet. It is always hard to say goodbye, knowing that the kids are so far away. And, after months of such close quarters with Jade, we would miss her, too. Brian promised that they would try to be back for Christmas.

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