Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sunday, Sept 23rd – After a nice breakfast with Clark and Jackie, and with a heartfelt “See you again!”,  we loaded up for the final stretch of road…..about 498 miles. We were not sure if we were going to spend the night part way, but the closer we got to home, the more eager we became. So, we drove straight through, arriving home just after dark.

Coming home……what a wonderful feeling! We had left things clean, so there was not much to do. A quick sweep up and the basics unloaded, and we were ready to crawl into a familiar bed. I am never ‘disoriented’ at the cabin, even after being gone for so long. How could I be? This is a place that we had designed and built ourselves. It is as familiar  and comfortable to me as my childhood bedroom.

Sept 24rd- 27th – A week spent settling in and catching up on chores.

IMG_0870 (1)

It was good to see our truck and camper parked at home.


We decided to not stress out over the unpacking, but to take it slowly, unpacking a bit each day. We had Matthew and Chris, friends from our church, mowing our place while we were gone. They did a great job (Thanks guys!) so there was not too much yard work to do.


One section of ground that we did not have them mow was grown up in weeds 8 foot high! Fred’s tractor made quick work of them…..


Clearing the weeds revealed an oak tree that had blown down when what was left of hurricane Isaac passed through. Fred spent the week cutting the oak tree up for firewood. We will have plenty of wood for the wood stove this winter!


This is the same area after the weeds were mown…..All my small crape myrtles made it through the Summer drought, and even had a few red blooms left.


Jade was settling in, too. She enjoyed having a bit of freedom…and a nice stick to chew on.   : )

After 6 1/2 months, and 20,000 miles on the road…..traveling from Louisiana to as far north as the Arctic Circle…..It was good to be home!  I think that we will stay put for a while…..


  1. Welcome Home! The cabin and yard look great.

  2. Oh dear, I wish you were both still on the road (kidding). I've enjoyed all your posts, thanks so much.