Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Around The Cabin This Week

Oct 15th-21st, 2012 – It has been a good week around the cabin. A few mornings of cooler (50 degree) mornings, and afternoons in the high 70’s to low 80’s.


It was a good week to get a few projects done and to do some porch sitting and to just appreciate the coming of Fall.


Fred has his wood rack mostly finished. For the roof, he used some of the old tin from the tool shed that we had torn down. I think that it looks nicely ‘aged’ and blends into the edge of the woods. Now, he just needs to fill it up!

While Fred was working on the wood rack, he noticed a buzzing coming from the cherry tree that is just in front and to the right of the rack in the above photo.

IMG_0997 (1)

Looking through the binoculars we were able to identify….honey bees! We won’t be able to harvest the honey from the tree, but they will be good for pollinating the garden this next Spring!

IMG_1001 (1)IMG_1007 (1)

Beauty all around…..the last few roses blooming. The red one is a climbing rose just in the corner of the garden. The small pink ‘Fairy Roses’ are growing on a bush that we planted  from a cutting from one of Fred’s mother’s rose bushes in Baytown, TX. It is pretty hardy and has thrived in the garden despite the drought this Summer.


Red berries on the dogwood tree. They birds will clean them out before Winter.


A few Fall blooms on the azaleas that I planted around the birdbath. These are Encore Azaleas, Autumn Coral, which will have blooms Spring, Summer and Fall.

Saturday evening we were anticipating watching the meteor shower……


So we decided to build a fire to enjoy while we were sitting out and watching the sky.


And a campfire means……a wiener roast!


We enjoyed the hot dogs, and waited until dark….and then some…..We saw a few shooting stars, but not the spectacular display that I had thought that we might see. We were not disappointed, however, it had been too much fun just hanging out.   Besides, we did manage to see a number of bats zooming around just at dusk. We like bats and are glad to know that we have a number in residence. They eat mosquitoes!    : )


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  2. Your life looks SO peaceful :) Hard to believe anyone still has flowers in their gardens when ours is under snow & it is -22'C at night !!! While your property looks mighty inviting with green grass, I'm greatful that there are no mosquitoes OR blackflies left up here...for that reason alone, think I'll stick with the snow ;)

    Cozy wishes for you and Fred & may all your campfires roast the BEST weiners !!! :) :) :)
    (ps: first attempt to post has spelling errors LOL - Oh...LOVE the wood shed! Looks GREAT!)