Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photographs and Memories - Indian Creek Girl Scout Camp

A couple of weeks ago we took a drive out to Indian Creek Girl Scout Camp.  My sister Joann had left Danny’s old fishing boat out there years ago, and asked us if we could take our truck out to pick it up.  There was a rumor that the camp was going to be sold, and she thought that her son, Matt might like to have the boat. We, of course, said “Yes” and headed out to camp.
We found Danny’s boat right where it was supposed to be….by the lake, well taken care of.
It had been years since we had been out to Indian Creek. The lake and the camp looked good. Walking around the camp brought back so many memories……
Our association with Indian Creek goes back so many years…… Mom had been working with the Girl Scouts, helping to finish some work at Indian Creek.  Mom knew a good thing when she saw it…so she enlisted Fred and Danny to help us girls paint and finish the kitchen and dining hall, and some of the cabins. That was about 1975, the year that Fred and I married.
By 1976 -  Fred was teaching canoeing at the camp. This was way before we had any little Girl Scouts of our own.
All the young girls loved Fred…..Could you blame them?
Walking up from the lake…..seeing the cabins…..
Memories flooded back …..
1989 – Dropping Laura off for her first overnight camp at Indian Creek. Brian, not yet 4 years old, Sarah, 6 years old, Laura 8 years old. Everyone lined up for the picture, so proud of their sister. I remember helping Laura make up her bunk, then it was time to leave….Tough on us….leaving our baby behind…..but she was fine!
Looking out over the lake……Remembering all the Parent’s night programs  we had  watched.
1995 – Sarah on the right, with a favorite counselor - That was just before we moved up to Iowa in August.
1996 – Sarah (13 yr.)  and Laura (15 yr.)  came back to Louisiana for resident camp at Indian creek that first summer that we lived in Iowa. Sarah is standing, left .
1996 – Laura was one of the first groups to use the  ‘primitive camp’ on the far side of the lake. She is far right in this picture.
1996 – In the ‘friendship circle’ saying goodbye at camp. Laura is the one on the left with a cap and back pack.
And so many more times that I don’t have pictures of…..Years of drop offs and pick ups as Laura and Sarah attended resident camp most years. Overnights with our troop, core camp where both Fred and I would teach camp skills, helping Mom, who was the camp nurse check in girls……I could hear the echoes throughout the camp.
2000 – We dropped by to visit the camp while visiting Monroe. It was always a special place for our family. Our friend Carla DeRoos and her son Noah came over from Beaumont, TX to visit, and joined us at camp. In this picture, clockwise – Brian, Sarah, Noah, our nephew, Andy, and niece, Colin enjoy a picnic in the dining hall. Brian and Andy had attended more than their fair share of their sister’s camp activities over the years.  : )
On the steps of the Hillside lodge – Back row - Andy, Brian and Colin, Front row – nephew Spencer and Noah DeRoos.
2002 – Sarah came back to work as a counselor at camp the Summer after her high school graduation. We were living in Baton Rouge at the time.
IMG_0973 (2)
2002 – Laura and Brian came out for the final program that Summer.  Laura was visiting from Des Moines, where she was attending Drake University.  It was the last time that we had been out to the camp……
We have so many special memories around Girl Scouting and the camps. So many happy times! This year, Girl Scouting celebrates their 100th anniversary. “Thank You” to all those who have helped make memories……..


  1. Sue the photos are wonderful!! Thanks for finding them and sharing them! Happy memories! Mom

  2. Mom I love this blog! So many wonderful memories! I love the pictures and the happy times they represent. I love you Sarah

  3. Aunt Susie,
    Thank you so much for posting these. I got a little misty-eyed. Love the picture of Uncle Fred, he looks like today's hipster on Instagram filters! Change is inevitable, but I'll be sad to see it go. Many memories there: the kingsnake that lived in a tree by the hillside lodge, the doll I made there that Emma now plays with (!), singing "down by the river with a hanky-panky sat a big fat frog..." in front of the dining hall, swimming and cold showers! And of course our own troop campouts where we slept in the counselors bunks and felt like we owned the place!

  4. Thanks for all the good comments. I had fun putting this post together. : )