Friday, November 5, 2010


Is it preferable to adapt oneself to ones environment….or to adapt ones environment to oneself? That is the philosophical – and practical question which we have been struggling with. The pop-up camper gave us a chance to get into this “traveling around” and to see how we liked it. We learned a lot…..We really enjoyed the traveling, and see doing much more of it in the future. However, the pop-up left many things to be desired. The limitations of a soft-sided camper in bear country, as well as the set-up and take down in rainy weather, the overall limitation of space, and the lack of a bathroom were all things that we felt could be remedied by a hard sided camper/trailer.

As we traveled around the country, we looked at other campers, both in campgrounds, and on RV sales lots. After much discussion and comparisons…..we became the proud new owners of an Airstream! The model we decided on is a 2010, 25 ft. Flying Cloud.



This model has panoramic windows front and back, with a queen sized bed in the front and the dinette and lounge in the back.


The door is toward the rear……between the kitchen and the dinette. The dinette benches and table can convert into an extra bed.


The kitchen has a sink (with a cutting board cover), 3 burner stove, convection/microwave oven, and plenty of storage space.

Opposite the kitchen, is the lounge, which pulls out and makes into a double bed. That, plus the dinette bed, gives us plenty of space for company. : )


Note the TV….pretty cool….. This model comes with a TV antenna (for local channels) and a CD/DVD player and speaker system.


Then there is a ‘fridge and freezer, a wardrobe closet, and then the shower next to that. The bathroom is across from the shower.

DSC02897 DSC02898

The bath is tiny, but functional….with a flush toilet and lavatory.


The bed has a little bit of walk room around it, a night stand shelf, and another wardrobe. I love the windows around the bed.

It looks like our first road trip with the new camper will be to Delaware to visit our son, Brian, and his fiancée, Rebekah, over Thanksgiving. After that……who knows……but we look forward to seeing all of our wonderful family and friends……and invite you all to join us in this new adventure. : )


  1. Wow! Very nice. I had a feeling you might want to get something a little more "sturdy" than the pop-up camper. And your choice is awesome! Is your current vehicle going to be able to pull it? I'm wondering if this means a return to Alaska next year?

  2. I'm breathless, it is just beautiful. I'm looking forward in seeing if you and Becky cross trails again. You must be planning your first trip...where to?

  3. Sorry, I didn't read to the very end. Happy Thanksgiving in Delaware, and you have a neat place to stay.

  4. Becky - No, the Highlander won't pull it, but our Chevy pick-up will (at least for now). And we do want to do Alaska, again sometime.....maybe next year? Who knows....

  5. WOW! That looks like the right word to use! I love it and it's so high tech! I can't wait till you come see us.

  6. AWESOME!! Safe travels. I can't wait to hear about your adventures on the road in your new digs!

  7. We are next! Pop up camper + rain = yuk