Saturday, November 20, 2010

On the road, again……

We are on the road, again, heading to Newark, Delaware to visit Brian and Rebekah for Thanksgiving. I guess, with kids spread across this country, we are destined to be “traveling”. Speaking of which….as we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone, we noted that our family has each of the time zones covered. Brian–Eastern, us–Central, Sarah–Mountain, Laura–Pacific. It makes it a bit hard to keep track of who is doing what / when.

We spent last night at DeSoto SP, Alabama - just south of Chattanooga, TN. The Fall colors are just beautiful and DeSoto SP is lovely, with winding roads and rock outcroppings.This is a beautiful park with lots of nifty things to do close by (pottery and craft shops, antiques, etc). We have, however, only stayed there while “passing through”. We may have to take a few days on our way home to really explore this area.

Towing the Airstream is a bit different than the pop-up, for sure, and requires a bit of a different attitude. We slow down a bit, and just enjoy the driving – this is “a good thing”. Staying in the Airstream also requires a different attitude. “This ain’t camping” – and THAT is a “good thing”, too. It is wonderful to be cozy and warm in a comfortable bed, and so self contained, with a bathroom and kitchen and storage in the camper rather than the car. A real treat on these longer trips.

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