Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch……..

This past week, the weather was beautiful – clear skies, cool in the morning and warm by afternoon. We took advantage of the nice weather to work on our next “project” . We are finishing up the siding on the cabin – covering over the older siding which was put up with the 1995 and 2004 additions and matching the newer siding on the remodeling that we did in 2007.


This project started with a quick trip to ‘Cajun Cypress’ in Baton Rouge to pick up a VERY heavy truck load of siding. Then, with the help of Fred’s tractor, the siding was unloaded and stacked.


Next, Sue stains each board (front and back) with TWP - Total Wood Preservative with Honey colored stain. This will protect the siding from insects and water and will give a bit of protection from the natural ‘graying’ due to sun exposure.


Then, Fred takes the board and nails them into place. We are using a horizontal lap pattern.


One wall finished (on the west side). The newer siding is lighter in color than the siding which was put up 2 years ago, due to the natural aging of the wood. In a few years, all the siding should blend together nicely.


Moving on to the back of the cabin…..making good progress, but a ways yet to go…..

  1. DSC02935

The upstairs will require the use of the scaffolding. That can wait until after Thanksgiving……

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  1. Busy little beavers! It'll look great when it's finished. Actually, I didn't think it looked all that bad before... when are you leaving for Jersey?