Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP – The General Sherman Tree

Tues. Sept 28th -  We continued our tour of the giant Sequoias and visited the General Sherman tree.The General Sherman tree is 275 feet tall and a little over 102 feet in circumference and weighs almost 1400 tons. It is the largest tree by volume in the world, and is 2,200 years old.

We really had to pause to take this in……and to fully appreciate the size and age of this tree. This tree was a sizable tree when Jesus was born…..and one can only wonder what all this tree has “seen” in the 2,200 years that it has been here. It kind of makes one step back and appreciate our relatively small place in the universe.





Fred is standing next to a fallen branch from General Sherman.



This brick pattern in the walk represents the “footprint” of the General Sherman tree.


As we strolled around the walks through the giant Sequoias, we tried to head the sign to “slow down and enjoy ourselves”.


One last picture to help appreciate the giant Sequoias….this is our car as we drove through “tunnel log”.

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  1. The "branch" from General Sherman looks like it is a tree unto itself!