Friday, October 8, 2010

Phoenix, AZ – Visiting with Sarah and Jason (and Lucky)

Fri Oct 1st – Thurs Oct 7th -  We arrived in Phoenix, AZ (actually Goodyear, a suburb west of Phoenix) to visit our daughter, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Jason. Sarah and Jason had just recently moved from Dallas, TX, back to Phoenix.  Sarah had graduated from ASU in May 2009 with a degree in Accounting and is currently looking for a job in the Phoenix area (fingers crossed for those job leads)    : )   Jason will be transferring from UTA to ASU and is studying engineering with a special interest in Robotics.

We had visited with Sarah and Jason in Dallas before we took off on this adventure and we were looking forward to spending a week just “hanging out” and visiting with them on our way back home. We enjoyed the simple things that we have missed while “on the road”…….like checking out the local specialty grocery store,  making chocolate chip cookies, catching up on a favorite TV series, and playing several “rousing” games of cards…….as well as doing a few chores (laundry, cleaning out the car, etc) ….and, of course, playing with Lucky.



Lucky is the cutest little dog (but don’t tell him, he thinks that he is a “big” dog)   : )


Sarah and Jason fixed a special dinner, complete with fondue appetizers and delicious dipping sauces, using the fondue set that Gram had passed on to them. This brought back fond (and rather hectic) memories when we were kids – sitting around the table with skewers in the pot – much less commotion with only the 4 of us!

On Monday Oct 4th – Fred and Sarah and I drove done to Tucson to visit our niece Katie and her husband Nick and their family.


I spent some really good “quality time” holding Jack. I do miss holding little babies………DSC02851


And Emma played “tea party” while Sarah helped Katie in the kitchen……..learning all about making bread in a bread machine. Yumm, was it good!

We spent Monday night at Katie’s ( Thanks, again, for the hospitality, and for the wonderful soup and homemade bread)      : )

Tues, as we were driving back to Phoenix, we drove through a bit of rain. It seems that our streak of bringing rain along with us brought a much needed rain to this area - though maybe a bit too much - as some areas of Phoenix had some flooding!  As we walked out of the house in the afternoon, we noticed this rainbow………beautiful!


Wednesday evening, we had a nice visit over dinner with Jason’s parents, Jim and Becky, then spent the evening getting thoroughly whipped by Sarah in a game of Hearts.  Way to go, Sarah!

We had a good visit over the week – catching up with the details of each other’s lives.  I want to send out a special thanks, again, to Sarah and Jason for all the wonderful meals and the hospitality.

Thursday morning….….came time to say our “goodbyes”……. it is always so hard to leave………..  thank goodness for telephones!

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