Sunday, October 10, 2010

Midland, TX – Visiting Good Friends

Oct 8 –10 – As we passed through Midland, TX on our way home, we spent the weekend visiting with our good friends, Jim and Juanice. Fred and Jim had been good friends and college roommates at LSU, and though the years have gone by, when we get together, it is just like yesterday. We love to have a chance to visit whenever we are passing through. Thank you both, for the wonderful meals and the comfortable place to stay…….and for lovely visit and the gift of enduring friendship.

Driving I 20 towards Dallas – the road is so familiar – and the end of this trip is approaching with each mile we drive. Mixed feelings……eagerness to be home, yet a certain sadness in having reached the end (of THIS trip -  I know that we have many adventures ahead). We talk in the car, going over the details of our trip…..what worked, what didn’t…… reliving memories (good and bad)……planning, without really acknowledging it, the next trip.

Tonight, we will stay in Dallas. Perhaps, not wanting the trip to end just yet……..