Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sightseeing Around Moose, WY

Friday Aug 28th – Afternoon – I must say that I had pictured Moose to be more of a town – with cute shops, etc.. As it turned out, there was not much there except Dornan’s Restaurant and cabins and the Visitors center. But, there were a few landmarks that I had noted that we should stop and see. 

There was an historic ferry that had run across the Snake River. It still runs as an attraction in the high season, but was not currently in operation. (I am sorry, I don’t know why I did not get any pictures of the ferry).

I had also read about the Murie house. Mardy and Olaf Murie were instrumental in the conservationist movement, first in Alaska and later in the Yellowstone, Grand Teton area. They lived in this house at Moose Junction where they held meetings and ‘conversations’ with noted conservationists. Mardy Murie helped in the passage of the Wilderness Act in 1956, and was instrumental in creating the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She was the recipient of the Audubon Medal (1980), the John Muir Award (1983), and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2002), just prior to her 100th birthday. Mardy was also personal friends with John Denver (during the years where he was active in conservation) and served as the inspiration for his song “ A Song For All Lovers”.


We stopped by the Murie house and got a wonderful personal tour as well as a lot of background information about the Muries.

Next, we stopped at the Church of the Transfiguration – a small Episcopal church that still holds regular services on Sunday.


The setting is majestic!


And we loved the stained glass windows that greet you as you enter the church.


This is a tiny log church …….but the focus is on the view through the window behind the alter.


The Tetons - God’s creation!

The sign outside the church noted that just as the Transfiguration showed the glory of the Lord, which amazed and awed and inspired the apostles, so too, the majestic Teton mountains echo God’s glory and leave us with a feeling of awe which we take with us into our daily lives.

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