Sunday, August 23, 2015

Alberta Falls and Bear lake

Aug 18th- continued- From the Bear Lake Trailhead, the trail to Alberta Falls, one of the park’s most photographed falls, is 2 miles out and back on an easy trail.


This made it a perfect continuation of our morning hike. I was a bit afraid of starting on this trail later in the morning, however, we were free to enjoy our hike without feeling overly crowded.


The Colorado mountain streams are so beautiful…..

After a mile of lovely hiking, we came upon Alberta Falls - which did not disappoint!


Crystal clear rushing water…….thundering over the rocks……


And flowing down the mountain.


We sat upon a boulder – close enough to feel the spray from the falls- and contemplated the force and fury of rushing water.  We were not the only ones enjoying the falls. In addition to a handful of other hikers……


Were several opportunists – the Stellars Jay and a number of chipmunks- which seem to be waiting for a bite to eat from the tourists. Sorry, nothing from us!


This had been a great morning of hiking!

We hiked back to Bear Lake Trailhead and our truck, stopping first to enjoy a few last minutes beside Bear lake.


We drove back to our camper, noting the very full parking areas, and felt pleased that our very early start had paid off. We had two very enjoyable hikes totaling about 5.6 miles, and it was only 11:30 am!

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