Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crested Butte and Moving On to Mesa Verde

Sept 8th, 2014

Today we enjoyed a quiet morning, then headed into Crested Butte to look around a bit.


Note – the blue painted street was compliments of the Bud Lite “Whatever’ promotion. They pretty much bought out the town over the weekend for their contestant winners. All in all, it looked like no harm done…..

IMG_1084 (1)

We browsed the quaint little shops, then had lunch at The Coal Creek Grill…….fabulous BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!

Rain was predicted for today, and by early afternoon, it was sprinkling. Looked like time for a cozy afternoon curled up in the camper……..In between rain showers, we did get the camper hitched up and ready to roll in the morning. More rain was predicted for all day Tuesday.

Sept 9th, 2014

As predicted……rain…..all last night and sputtering this morning when we pulled out. We were headed for Mesa Verde National Park, about a 4 hour drive. The rain came in showers….off and on the whole drive……Until just before we got to Mesa Verde……then, it POURED! We pulled up at the visitor’s center and waited for it to slack off a bit.

I really LOVE our camper! A few minutes to get pulled into a campsite and set up….then we could climb into our cozy camper and get dry and warm. (Oh- the temp has been hovering around 55  degrees today.)


When the rain cleared a bit, we drove back out to the Visitor’s center, newly built a year and a half ago.


I love this sculpture of an ancient cliff dweller climbing up the face of a cliff with a basket of corn on his back.

I remember touring some of Mesa Verde when we first headed west with the kids…….21 years ago! I am eager to see this area, perhaps in more depth this time. Tomorrow, we have a tour scheduled bright and early to see the cliff dwellings. The weather is supposed to be sunny and nice……..  

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