Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cesme, Turkey–A Cute Little Port Town

June 11th, 2014 -

Everything we had read described Cesme as a very cute resort town. Nothing of historical note or ruins or anything of that sort to see, Cesme is mostly known for its pretty beaches and thermal springs. The kind of place where the locals might go for vacation.

We were not really in the mood for beaches and resorts (our cruise ship felt like our own floating ‘resort’) and it was hot to be just hanging out on a beach…..so we opted to enjoy walking around and sightseeing Cesme on our own, and coming back to our ship when we got tired.

Our cruise ship was docked right in the main harbor,so it was easy for us to head out on our own right after breakfast.


The little sea side shops and cafes were just beginning to open. Sometimes it is fun to be out when it is quiet, and the day is just beginning.


These decorative bird cages were hung where you would walk under them………charming.


The little streets were lined with flowers,,,,,,,


So colorful!


I just loved this advertisement in the shop window…….It sounds like my kind of clothes!     ;-)


Through out Turkey, smoking Hokka’s seemed to be the newest ‘old’ trend. We were not daring enough to try them, though I am told that they are not necessarily just for drugs, or even tobacco.


It is always a reminder that we are really in a foreign country……


The statues commemorate such exotic figures.


We were following a city guide map while sightseeing, and it noted a church as a place of interest, so we wandered around the town, passing souvenir shops ……


And what an amazing produce stand!


We were proud of ourselves for finding the church, tucked away in the middle of a city block, and not looking like much from the outside.


The inside was beautiful….with the frescos still in pretty good shape.


Though it was strange to see a church building being used as a sort of small flea market for textiles and hand made goods. It is a reminder that Christianity is a very small religion in this overwhelmingly Muslim country, and that Christian churches do not have enough of a congregation to keep them operating as churches.


We walked back to our ship to cool off and enjoy our ‘floating resort’, then, after lunch, got out and stirred around a bit more.


Back onboard, – in the evening we were deck side as we watched the ‘sail away’. This ‘Island Castle’, just off the tip of Cesme was lit up, and, as the sun set, it looked like a fairy land castle. A beautiful ending to a charming day.  : )

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