Thursday, March 28, 2013


Springtime is a busy time for ‘projects’.  As much as we would like to just sit on the porch and watch the birds or enjoy the flowers….there are projects to finish and the good weather beckons…..


This year we are looking forward to a nice garden. It has been 3 years since we were home for the Summer. Traveling is fun, but it will be nice to reap the rewards of a good vegetable garden.


We decided, this year, to rework the garden design, creating 8 framed, rectangular garden beds. each bed is 4 feet by 6 feet, with 2 foot walkways between. There are wider walkways between the sets of beds and around the front and back to allow for a garden cart. We added a bit of dirt to the beds and will mulch the walkways.


Around the front, back, and north side of the garden are 2 foot wide beds. The back bed we planted with lettuce transplants. The north bed is planted in asparagus.


By March 21st, we had 18 tomato transplants in the ground, though, I did cover them up, as we were expecting several nights of around freezing temperatures. Here, we plant around Good Friday, expecting a bit of a cold snap around Easter. You can get a bit earlier start than this if you are careful….


Cool weather crops…..snow peas and potatoes…..


Lettuce and cabbage (in back bed) are doing well. Note- cucumbers will go in the corner bed, just past the cabbage.


Another gardening project this year is going to be a  ‘Butterfly Garden’. I cleaned out this bed and we edged it with some left over stones, and I will plant it with butterfly-attracting perennials when the weather warms up a bit.


We have been enjoying our new carport…..Fred graded the area in front and on the side, and spread a layer of gravel to keep the dirt from washing. Then we moved the camper alongside, where it is well situated and will have electric and water hook-ups available.  Everything in its place…..


As I am writing this, today, Fred is working on the electrical wiring and lights for the carport. You can see in the picture the finished flower beds around the carport.


Along the back side of the carport (in front of the cars) I have planted some bush roses. They are pretty small, now, but should grow to be about 3 foot tall.


On the kitchen side of the carport will be my herb garden. I have planted just a few herbs, but will plant more towards April.  Keep watching for more pictures as all these plantings grow……..or get eaten by the deer?  (I sure hope not!)

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