Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Hawk

The other morning, as we were just getting back from the gym, we spotted this Red-Shouldered Hawk perched on our garden fence post. He had just swooped down in the garden, and had snatched up a bit of breakfast (a frog, I think). I scooted into the cabin to get my camera, and quietly stepped out on the porch to take some pictures. The hawk seemed unconcerned, as he continued with his meal (OK, I know it’s a bit gruesome, but fascinating to watch wild creatures).

IMG_2287 (1)


IMG_2292 (1)

IMG_2295 (2)

We watched until our hawk had finished, and then he flew back into the woods. We often see the hawks flying overhead, or perching high in a tree, or zipping into the woods around our cabin, but this is the first time that we were witness to the hunting/feeding behavior….and a bonus to be able to get pictures!

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