Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday - Hiking up to the Siphon Draw


Sunday morning we set out on a nice hike – a bit longer and a bit steeper at 4 miles round trip and 1,000 ft. elevation gain – up the Superstition Mountains to a natural drainage area called the ‘Siphon Draw’.


Along the way, we stopped to investigate an old foundation with steps down to a basement- like area that we thought might be an old miners camp/cabin.


It is always fun to speculate….Who lived there? Did they find any gold? Or did they just go bust?


This is the Siphon Draw - as we approached- looking up towards Flat Iron Mountain (the  Mt. at the top-center that looks like the bow of a ship). The shiny area in the center of this picture is the draw - a trickle of water on the wet rock.


The Siphon Draw up close.


At the Draw, we all found a seat and, after that 1,000 ft. climb, we rested and enjoyed the view!


While I enjoyed the view looking out in the distance……….


Fred had his eyes in a different direction…….up!!


So….Fred, Jason and Sarah decided to hike up a bit…….


And up they went….That’s them…..the very tiny people in the center of this photo.


And this is the view…of me…from waaay up there, looking down…….the tiny white spot in the center of this photo.


The view from their perch…….breathtaking!

One could climb on up to the top of Flat Iron……scrambling up the wash another 1 mile and 1,000 ft.…..but, for today, this was enough……….

Sunday evening, we went back to Sarah and Jason’s, fixed a pizza for dinner, and celebrated a wonderful week of visiting!  And then, with great difficulty said goodbye….

Monday morning – We hitched up the camper, and, with a lump in our throats, and a tear or two, we headed on down the road……..hanging on to good memories…..and a lot of love…… looking forward to the next time we get together.

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures of Siphon Draw. You hiked up farther than I ever have so it was nice to see the view. It is a beautiful hike - what I have done of it.