Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanks-giving 2010

This Thanksgiving, as our family was celebrating on the east coast, the west coast and places in-between…….I was struck by all that we have to be thankful for……..and in particular, all the people who have come into our lives and who have graciously shared their holidays and traditions with us, and with our kids.


This Thanksgiving, we celebrated with our son, Brian and fiancé, Rebekah, and Rebekah’s family (Parents, Jim and Annette, and sisters, Rachel, Elizabeth and Mary Grace)


In Rebekah’s family, all of the kids help put together an antipasto platter to be served as a light lunch, with the traditional turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes (and, of course, green bean casserole – some things are universal : ) to be served for dinner. In the kitchen, from the left, are: Rebekah, Mary Grace, Elizabeth, Annette, and Jim.


Mary Grace eagerly awaits the antipasto (Italian for “before the meal”) which is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. This tradition comes from Annette’s family. Along with the antipasto, we had a baked brie and crackers. We brought some pimento-cheese spread to share (recipe from Southern Living) as well as cornbread dressing.

DSC03014 (2)

In this photo: Rachael and Elizabeth await dinner.

I am also very thankful for this new age of communication, with emailing, digital photos, etc. which helps us stay connected even when we can not all be together.

Phoenix Thanksgiving 2010

Our daughter, Sarah and boyfriend, Jason stayed in Phoenix, AZ, (feeling extremely thankful for Sarah’s new accounting job) and celebrated Thanksgiving with Jason’s parents, Jim and Becky (and Sarah’s dog Lucky). Sarah and Jason helped out with the cooking, bringing the green bean cassarole.

Phoenix Thanksgiving 2010#2

From left: Jason, Sarah, and Becky – I noticed that they are having Becky’s traditional pumpkin roll for dessert. Several years ago, when we visited Phoenix for Thanksgiving, we enjoyed Becky’s wonderful cooking, including her pumpkin roll. Becky shared with me her recipe, but mine never has turned out as good as hers.

Our oldest daughter, Laura and our son-in-law, Dave, flew from Emeryville, CA to spend Thanksgiving with Laura’s Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike (Fred’s brother) in Encinitas, CA. As this whole group are vegetarians, the traditional Thanksgiving turkey was deliciously replaced with salmon. Other wonderful dishes included a potato dish ( recipe from Ruth Chris’ Steak House), Brussels sprouts, and green beans among other things.

Thanksgiving 2010 003

Laura helps Pam in the kitchen. Later, Laura and Dave play cards.

Thanksgiving 2010 015

During the Thanksgiving weekend, Mike and Pam's dog, Romer, celebrated his birthday with a group of his doggie "friends" at his traditional "doggie birthday party".

Thanksgiving 2010 058

This year, we are truly blessed with family and friends, who, though we all may be spread out, remain close in spirit.


  1. Love the doggie birthday party photo!!! What I want to know, as a lab owner myself, is how you got a bunch of golden retrievers, and a lab to sit still long enough for a picture with hats on their heads. And they're all looking in the same direction to boot! LOL

    Too cute. Way too cute!

  2. And I am thankful that you are my cousin and that I can keep up with what you are doing through this blog! :). Will I get to see you at Scott's wedding on the 18th? I thank God for the gift of family. Love you all - Babs

  3. I should say that Romer is Mike and Pam's dog, and that these dogs are all very special - from a service dog training program. And I think that they are being bribed with doggie cake and ice cream. GOOD DOGS! : )

  4. I love the doggie picture! Everything on your blog is really wonderful! Bekah and I really enjoyed visiting with you guys. We love and miss you!